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Non-financial goals that you have achieved this year (2016)

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  • Non-financial goals that you have achieved this year (2016)

    Yeah, money is important, but it is only a tool to allow you to live your life the way you choose, IMO. Hopefully, there is more to your life than stacking the benjamins.

    What two or three non-financial (personal, not professional) goals or bucket list items did you knock out this year?

    My top 3:

    1. We visited Rocky Mountain National Park this summer, and for the first time I shared the Nymph-Dream-Emerald Lakes trail with my family, one of my favorite hikes anywhere.

    2. I completed a three race trail running series (Feb, Sept, and Nov), one that has eluded me for several years due to either injury or not being otherwise available for all three races.

    3. I climbed (really, walked) to the top of Mt. Vesuvius, a bucket list item.

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    1. Got my son across the Atlantic to meet my family over there, including my 99 year-old grandmother

    2. Got my son to see his 98 year-old grandfather from the other side of the family before he died in March (Z"L)

    3. Presented at CHEST

    4. Re-joined my city league soccer team

    5. Joined a third winery

    Life is good 8-)


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      1. Baby #1

      2. Got a muscle car that has 165% more HP than all the cars I've ever owned. Combined.

      3. Started exercising semi-regularly again (hey, baby steps right )


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        1. Baby #1

        2. Got a muscle car that has 165% more HP than all the cars I’ve ever owned. Combined.

        3. Started exercising semi-regularly again (hey, baby steps right  )
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        So what is the car?!


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          1. Baby #1

          2. Got a muscle car that has 165% more HP than all the cars I’ve ever owned. Combined.

          3. Started exercising semi-regularly again (hey, baby steps right  )
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          So what is the car?!
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          Challenger Hellcat, 707hp

          My first car certainly wasn't a beater (and was actually quite nice at the time I bought it). Lasted me through high school, college, medical school, residency, and died en route to fellowship. Went through a couple of beaters in fellowship and early attendinghood. Nice to see the other side of the rainbow


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            1. Successfully carrying our second kiddo to term! I know babies are born every day, so we think it's commonplace and no big deal. But the past 2 years have taught me that we should never take this for granted because family planning is much less under our control than we'd like to think-even in the age of modern medicine.

            2. Planted a peach tree in our garden. I can peaches each year, and have always wanted to be able to grow and can my own. Now I can!

            3. Made a quilt, all on my own, with close guidance from my grandmother. I understand how people get addicted to this.


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              1) Got my youngest child off to college. Thus, enjoying the new world of an empty nester.

              2) Just paid my last undergrad tuition check for my oldest child.

              3) Reworked our basement to build a woodworking shop, so I can finally get back to this hobby.

              4) Sailed to Nantucket on my sailboat.

              5) Got to fly fish with my Father a couple of weeks ago.

              6) Finally bought a pick up truck, and got rid of having two cars. I used to keep a Jeep and then a nice car for the office. Stupid, my Ram 1500 Limited is awesome.

              7) Had a great hunting trip to Argentina.




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                I'm a big reader - always in the middle of at least one audio book in the car, and one fiction and one nonfiction book at home. Previously I'd write and send to my fiends and family a yearly email with reviews of my favorites. This year I upped my game and reviewed every book at least briefly, and some extensively. Started an online book thread to post my book reviews and get feedback from fellow readers.
                My Youtube channel:


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                  1. Great trip to Paris and Barcelona with my wife and two teens.  We had to put this off in 2015 because of a sudden illness for my wife (which she fully recovered from) so this was extra special.  The museums in Paris and the food in both cities was exceptional.  We took a cooking class in Barcelona where we went shopping in the market and the cooked a full menu together (with guidance).  As they say, buy experiences, not things

                  2. Successfully started run commuting a few days a week.  I have had real trouble staying healthy enough to run and having the motivation (despite the fact that I love it).  I've only been doing this for about 6 weeks, but it is really a time saver and has made fitting runs in a lot easier


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                    Married since 2004 (dating since 2000), and as each year passes and with each trial and tribulation life has thrown at us so far, we are still surviving. People make light of it, but truth be told, being able to grow old with someone one marries when both were basically babies and having the privilege of loving him/her more and more each day despite the crap that reality throws at both of you is no small achievement.






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                      1 - 25 years of Marriage next year.  We met in 8th grade, rollerskating.

                      2 - Raising 6 kids, we hare 1/2 nesters now.  1 - figuring life out, 2 - a missionary, 3- in college, Mechanical Engineering, 4 - in college, Civil/Architecture, but is really enjoying Chemistry, 5 - HS Sophore (also on the soccer team), 6 - HS Freshman - loves swimming

                      3 - Completed Spartan Ultra Beast -- 26+ miles, 63 or so obstacles - snow being an extra one.  :O)

                      4 - 5 of our family completed the Spartan Trifecta in 2015

                      5 - Wasn't a goal really, but my older son suggested I apply for the soccer coach job at his previous HS.  I did and our first game is today.  I am so nervous.  Goal is not be a 1-year only coach.


                      cd :O)
                      Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary. -- Isaiah 40:31


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                        Delivered first baby!  And he's getting fatter everyday.   

                        Also took a great trip to Europe, visited the Vatican, ate at some 3-star michelin restaurants in Paris, drove a Lancia from Florence to Siena.  (Side note, having your pregnant wife with you really helps with all the lines!  But there are many stairs...   )

                        Traded in my sportscar on a Mr. Mom mobile.   :lol:  :cry:   

                        Another successful year as a doctor's wife.   8-)



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                          1.  Sold my overly-large house and downsized to a condo located right across the street from the hospital where I work.  No commute plus no yard work has made a big positive difference in my stress level!  So what if I lost money making the move?  I got my life back.

                          2.  Visited Indonesia and saw my first total solar eclipse.  WOW!

                          3.  I saw prairie chickens and sharp-tailed grouse dance on their leks last spring.  Now I want to see sage grouse doing their thing!


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                            Successful first year as Medical Director of my clinic

                            Saw Paul McCartney (for the fourth time!)

                            Vacations to Catskills, Lake Champlain region and, next week, to Key West

                            Kitchen renovation--new floor, cabinets, countertops, 5 burner gas range, VentAHood (hubby's dream hood) and...a dishwasher--yes, we washed dishes by hand for two years after we bought our foreclosure

                            Started going to gym (sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month, but the effort was made), started meditating semi-regularly (Youtube guided meditation videos are great for this), took Indian cooking classes with hubby, joined a few local hiking groups and started hiking about once a month.