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Election day -- let's get riled up!

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    There won’t be much in the way of checks and balances when the circuit courts and SC are going to go Republican along with Congress and the White House.  I fully agree that an HRC election would have been gridlock since the Democrats would not have had the House (or Senate I guess).  Obstruction was quite literally the GOP platform the last 6 years and for the next 4 if HRC won.  However just because they will have an easier time passing legislation doesn’t mean we will see true progress.

    As much as I hate Trump, the biggest thing that will help prevent the GOP from going crazy is that Trump is a bit crazy also and isn’t really a true conservative.  He isn’t going to push forward the same platform that someone like Cruz would have done as President.  However as a racial/religious minority with an immigrant background, Trump and the GOP are pushing policies that are personally abhorrent to me, and it makes me nervous about what could happen to my family should some of these policies come to fruition.

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    My exact sentiments.

    I wish I could like/"thumbs up" your comment more than once.


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      For some reason WCI censored some post of mine on this thread due to profanity... ?  What did I say that required censoring?  Also, the subtopic of this category states  "Stay out if easily offended."
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