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Thank You for this forum.

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  • Thank You for this forum.

    I remember an introduction to this forum that addressed why it was created, mentioning other forums that may have some overlap in terms of content and readership. One of them was Sermo. I just logged in to the Finance & Investing section of the forum. These were the first 2 subjects (screenshot attached):

    Best way to store ammo?

    AK or AR rifle?

    Yikes! I only check in there once in awhile and the quality of the discussion tends to lack what I find here. Thank you Jim and all the loyal readers and responders for making this a great place to learn and interact!


    -Physician on FIRE

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    Bullets are freaking expensive.  Every time I've gone to shoot, that's been the largest cost.  Was it a joke thread, though?

    But yeah, I agree straight up, people just talk about money stuff here in a kind manner.  I'll even apologize for disagreeing with people here. It's great.  I've been in (and moderated) some terrible forums, let me tell you.  This is legit.


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      I agree. Thank you for the forum.


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        Hey POF I thought all anesthesiologists collect AR15s.  They do at my hospital.  I always thought it was a side effect of leaky anesthetic agents.


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          I too appreciate the blog and forum.


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            I keep my ammo in surplus ammo cans with a dessicant pack or two, inside my climate controlled house.  Should last as long as I do.   :P

            Also would probably go with the AR over the AK, but any self-respecting doc will have both.   

            Love WCI!


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              Love this forum too


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                Agreed on this and sermo!


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                  As a Texan, those types of gun conversations are par for the course in the doctors lounge. Just kidding (sort of.)

                  Thank you so much for the blog and forum WCI. I have learned a great deal of information here. I'm also happy you kept your job! Although "the situation" would have provided interesting blog material as well as extra vacation time for you, I'm sure it's one stress that you and your partners are happy is over.

                  And thank you to all the fellow doctors and other participants. The comments here are helpful and enjoyable.


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                    I agree.  Cheers to WCI!

                    Thank you for creating a community!



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                      WCICON24 EarlyBird
                      It wasn't me that created the community. I just opened the door. You all walked in and stayed.
                      Helping those who wear the white coat get a fair shake on Wall Street since 2011