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Wow, did taxes did go down for you too?

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  • Wow, did taxes did go down for you too?

    We usually set aside 38%+ for taxes at the end of the year just in case we owe. So we have about 45k in our "just in case" account(aside from emergency and vacation accounts), and the accountant just told us we overpaid by 20k. That's a 65k turn around. I mean that 1 years tuition at an Ivy league(not that my kids are going to get in). Not a trump fan. Someone with Alzheimer's(who is losing frontal control) shouldn't be running the country( though Ronald Reagan did I suppose). I admit I have mixed feelings. Won't be voting for him 2020 but not looking forward to a candidate which will result in losing this annual windfall while becoming more embattled in the endeavor to get everyone amelioration-for-overeating care.

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    Closed due to political comments likely to quickly lead to the thread generating more heat than light. Hint: If the words "Trump", "Obama," "Pelosi," "AOC", "Republican", "Democrat" or similar are in your post, there's a good chance it will be closed sooner or later. 
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