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Do you take board review courses?

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  • Do you take board review courses?

    Never was willing to pay for such things. Have always managed to pass with no problems, but I probably could have done better had I taken these courses.

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    Only time I attended a course in a physical location was when I was in fellowship and the department paid for it.

    I usually use MKSAP, specialty board CD and online self improvement courses ( usually $400-500) and getting old GW review course binders / slides from those who went a year earlier. That was enough for me.


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      Nope. If you are an average test taker I see no reason. If taking tests has always been a major hurdle, then I’d splurge.


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        No way. If there is a good online (and reasonably priced) question bank for your specialty then I would consider that to get into a test-taking mode.


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          DW (OB/GYN) is leaving next week for a prep course for her Oral Boards. She is 2 years out of residency. It is a ridiculous amount of time (Tuesday morning through Sunday afternoon) and incredibly expensive. She is smart and studious and would pass without it. But taking the prep course will give her confidence going into the boards and ultimately improve her performance. I see it as an investment to 'guarantee' she doesn't have to retake the test.


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            for multiple choice, no.

            for oral board prep it seems to be very common, almost standard.


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              If I were to lose my boards, I would lose my job and therefore my ability to take care of my family. So I of course take a board review to minimize this risk. Yes, I always pass things in the upper 90th percentile, but it unfortunately is too big a risk to not over study. I consider this part of the extortion racket of our own societies.


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                MKSAP .   second recert pending in 3 weeks.   Worked well first two times.   Once more then done.


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                  I did for steps 1,2 since I was not confident.  I didn't for board re/certification since it was very time intensive.


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                    Post residency boards no need

                    Board recert #1 bought a book of study questions and read about half

                    Board recert #2 no prep

                    Board recert #3 went to review course at a location to visit family and get CME

                    Board recert #4 (2028) unlikely to occur

                    Test sites have gone from 200+ miles away to most recent 20 miles from home


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                      Just did the EMS exam from ABEM today.  Way harder than my EM certification and recertification exams.  Way, way harder.

                      I did it with the practice pathway (didn't do a fellowship, have been an EMS medical director for 9 years).  Even as a former paramedic and with a lot of practice, the test was hard.  75% pass rate for fellowship trained people, 55% for the practice pathway.

                      Point being, I wish I had done a review course.

                      Hopefully I won't be telling my paramedics I failed it when I get results in 90 days.  :O


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                        It really depends on your specialty.  I did mksap questions for medicine boards.  I bought a book I never read for nephrology boards, I did not realize this, but the nephro recertification boards have a link to up to date you can click on to look stuff up during the boards.    I am glad that I did not pay for a review course, doubt I would have learned more then an uptodate link.


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                          I always take them.  Super expensive.  It’s the only way i can block out time effectively from work and family and study.  I’m specialized and don’t deal with a lot of the material tested on a regular basis.  Just wait until your back hurts from sitting and your eyes can’t focus on the screen for long periods of time.  Your turn will come!   Also doing residency plus 3 fellowships means i’m Always 2 years away from the next test.





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                            i’m Always 2 years away from the next test.
                            Click to expand...

                            I did all there in 1 sitting and am certified till 2025. Not participating in MOC.

                            By 2025 I will be retired, and give two hoots to not being certificated.


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                              No. It is unlikely that if you study that you’ll be seen to have a profound lack of knowledge. The oral board exam is to make sure people aren’t dangerous/crazy or demonstrate little thought/logic.

                              Our MOC is moving to monthly multiple choice questions (open book) to replace the recertifying exam. So no for the original and no now.