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Anyone else tired of Bogleheads?

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  • Anyone else tired of Bogleheads?

    The Bogleheads forum used to be interesting and thought provoking.

    Now it feels like a support group for grumpy old men.

    Recent topics:
    -at least 30 threads on “invest vs pay off zero interest debt” (pay off the debt, of course)
    -inane debate on the merits of the Toyota Corolla vs Subaru Forrester vs Vanilla Wafers
    -a middle age man who needed a leather jacket to woo a 24y/o into the sack (ok this one was interesting)
    -best ink pen that won’t soil your Dockers
    -how to use Uber with a flip phone

    Anyone else feel the same way?

    Oh, and Get Off My Lawn!

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    I stopped going to Bogleheads except very rarely after they let several doctor-bashing threads go on for far too long a couple of years ago.

    There is a huge anti-physician bias on there, and it has gotten progressively worse since I used to read over there during residency call nights 7-8 years ago. The only type of person more despised on that forum than a physician is a whole life salesman.

    Also, how many times can you debate the merits of international or no international, a 3-fund portfolio, index investing, and anecdotes on personal consumer items before the forum implodes? Bogleheads is about at that point.


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      Yup. Every once in awhile I'll search for info there, but the "those greedy doctor" diatribes were beyond the freakin pale.


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        I wouldn’t be so quick to knock them. I’ve had some high level questions addressed there, and I like the consumer item section of the forum. Their wiki is a great resource.

        As for the doctor stuff, I’ve seen a little bit of negative stuff but nothing I’d consider egregious. I’m sure some threads were absurd, and I trust what others say they’ve seen. I find it more offensive TBH when doctors here suggest I should be forced into government employment. I’d expect them to know better or use their intellect to come up with alternative solutions.


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          Oddly enough, I never got into Bogleheads. This is mostly because I found WCI first, and Jim distilled the Bogleheads philosophy and packaged it in a few useful and accessible ways. I tried checking out Bogleheads a few times, along with other financial blogs, but I did not find the format to be as user friendly. Anyway, only so much time in the day.


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            I wouldn’t be so quick to knock them. I’ve had some high level questions addressed there, and I like the consumer item section of the forum. Their wiki is a great resource.
            Click to expand...

            I agree that particular issues are addressed well there, and the wiki can be helpful (though not so much that it is my first choice).


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              I still enjoy bogleheads.  That's what started me on my financial education years ago. I think it's a pretty clean, thoughtful, high-level discussion forum, much better than most, imo.  Of course it's a range of quality and knowledge, and I filter things and ignore many posts, just because I think it's dumb or redundant post doesn't mean it's not useful for someone. Same can be said of this forum.  I don't notice a significant anti-doctor slant and those often get tampered down quickly by the many doctors on there, but maybe I'm just not as sensitive to that.  But again it's no different than the anti-lawyer, anti-financial planner, etc. perspective shown there, here or elsewhere.


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                I found Bogleheads through WCI.  I find the Wiki pages very helpful as a beginner.  I rarely search that forum because they have a longer history and can provide some historical context that this newer forum cannot yet.


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                  I rarely visit the forums, mostly when I have the urge to deep dive into a geeky investment topic. I do not get those urges much anymore.


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                    Very much so. No longer participate and only use to search.

                    However it is incredibly important to developing a base understanding of personal finance that cannot be matched.

                    The wiki also can answer 90+% of needed questions.


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                      I've been wanting to explore that site more but haven't because I know I'll spend a ton of time there. My time is limited enough now finishing last fellowship. I think each forum can be its own echo chamber. I mean, how many times can we hear about special circumstances to keep whole life, how do I set up a Roth, etc? Redundancy comes with the territory. It's not a bad thing. Some things need to be reinforced since they're constantly asked.


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                        I like Bogleheads for the most part, with any of these forums/blogs they get repetitive.  I just read, don't participate.  Agree with above that doctor bashing on that site is horrid.  One was a thread about trying to "talk" to a doctor, ie office visit without paying that went on forever.  The other was someone that didn't want to have to pay for his child to see a pediatric cardiologist with an echo, they acted insulted that this visit would actually cost anything.


                        Same with mrmoneymustache, I like to read here and there, but don't participate.


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                          I still go there once every few weeks and will read any threads that seem interesting. I'm more turned off by the heavy-handed moderation than anything.


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                            love it, the leverage discussions and Hedgefundie's adventure are insightful.  you're reading the wrong posts
                            It's psychosomatic. You need a lobotomy, I'll get a saw.


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                              I agree... it may have lost some shine, until Hedgefundie came along.