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  • Locums agency recommendations?

    I have been thinking about doing some locums work before starting my next "permanent" job.  I have talked to representatives from two agencies and have been very unimpressed.  They have been generally unreliable (i.e. promising they'll email something and never sending it, asking for my C.V. after having confirmed a week prior that they had received it from me, etc.) and I've had trouble getting timely responses to some of my questions.  Basically, I wouldn't trust these guys to walk my dog; I certainly can't stomach the thought of them being responsible for my compensation, credentials, lodging, malpractice insurance, etc. for several months.

    Can anyone recommend locums agencies with which you've had good experiences? Thank you.

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    Have worked with and in the past, no major problems.  Good luck.


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      CHG (owns Weatherby, Comphealth etc) is a big player in the market with a headquarters down the street from me. They advertise with me too. I'd probably go there first.
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        When I was doing locums, I found it wasn't so much the company, but the individual agent that made the difference. Of course, a good company should keep only good employees, but the variation in responsiveness and attention to detail depended mostly on the person helping you.

        I generally chose my locums work by location and job description. I'd go with whatever company had the best job. There were a few hiccups, but I can't pin them on any one company.




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          I used Weatherby in the past and liked them (was recommended to me by colleagues).  The pay was good and they were reliable.  I did hear from another friend that locumtenens paid them more -- however, there may be some room to negotiate your compensation rate with either company.