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    My brother said, “shut up and buy it”
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    Your brother knows what's up.


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      3 burners? Bwahaha! Go four burners or go home!


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        Gas grills are no fun. Get the Deluxe Weber Kettle (charcoal) and a slow n sear for <$600. You get to really play with fire and you can do some serious smoking on it as well.


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          Also, buy 2-3 extra propane containers and keep them full. Nothing worse than cooking 75% of a dinner and realizing you are out of propane.
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          This is a Hank Hill recommendation.



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            I have many similarities to you (except, unfortunately, a much lower net worth).

            I own that grill and I love it.

            I did notice about a week after I bought it that I could have gotten an almost identical Weber model in Costco which came with the latest iGrill wireless thermometer for about the same price. I have a digital thermometer already, but not one that communicates with my phone.

            It has the surface area of a 3burner, but it actually has a fourth burner for searing steaks (if you don’t already cook them sous-vide, you should look into it). The stainless steal rod cooking grate might not be the best one for searing (? Less thermal mass than other grate option), but I think it cleans up easier, and is much less likely to ever require replacement.

            Also, don’t forget to get a couple a-maze-n 12 inch tubes that you can fill up with hickory pellets and generate smoke for 3-4 hours. I have smoked briskets and a pork shoulder/butt in my gas Weber, and they turned out great.

            I didn’t think I would ever use the side burner, but the other day my son caught a fish and wanted to cook it. I didn’t want the inside of my house to smell like trout, so we pan-fried it outside on the Weber.

            I am new to smoking/grilling, so I don’t have much expertise to back up my endorsement, but I think you’ll be happy with it.

            The store would have delivered and assembled it, but I borrowed a family member’s truck and took it home myself. I assembled it with “help” from my young children.


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              Your brother is smart.


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                fourth burner for searing steaks
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                Obviously OP can afford it.

                My thought was also similar.  I have a gas Weber without searing burner.  It can sear but won't give you the real thick crust of a super-hot charcoal grill.  I wonder how effective these sear burners are or if they are actually a gimmick.  Have considered getting a handlheld searer but haven't pulled the trigger.. still trying to perfect the sous-vide technique

                Interesting on smoking tubes haven't heard of that


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                  What a way to go...


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                    I have mine hooked into the household natural gas so don't have to worry about running out of propane. It doesn't burn quite as hot as propane but the convenience can't be beaten.


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                      Have owned a Genisis for 13 years and it still works well.  Think it was $625, spent another $60 on the Grill Cover (highly recommend).  As for getting an extra propane tank, it depends upon where you live.  Living in a more urban area, the places to tend to charge a fixed price for a refill, so IMO get an extra tank.  I currently live 5 miles from a tractor supply store which charge for propane by the gallon and is about $2.25/gallon.  In this case, just fill up when the tank gets to low point.  Use my grill at least once a week, the usual suspects, brats, dogs, burgers, steaks, and chops.


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                        Oh man I went through this as my splurge purchase when becoming an attending three years ago. I did NOT wait for my NW for be 7 figures before doing so.

                        I settled on the Weber Spirit that is listed in that Wirecutter article as the best grill. Most of the time I’m only grilling for max 4-6 people and that grill is plenty big enough. The vast majority of the time it’s just for DW and I, so firing up a larger grill would be quite the waste of propane.

                        I love this thing. It gets quite hot. Holds temps well. So much easier than charcoal. The two Genesis grills you have posted would be great, but I bet you would be wasting propane getting a large grill like that up to temperature most of the time. Oh, and I don’t have any of those “smart” features. I have a separate wireless thermometer for larger meats which is the only smart tool I use.


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                          Connect to your phone?
                          If you don't have kids then I can see how that might be useful. You could sit back and enjoy a drink while the grill comes to temp.
                          I unfortunately spend my time keeping little fingers from getting burned off so I am never more then a few feet away from the grill. Nothing gets overcooked in this house!


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                            Didn’t read all the other responses so forgive me if this is repeating what’s already been said. You’re worth $6M and are talking about a $1000 grill so I think we can all agree whether or not it’s reasonable for you is a stupid question. I use my grill 2-3 times per week every week including cold winter months.

                            Do you own your condo? If so get a natural gas hookup to your grill location, and get the appropriate grill. Weber doesn’t have conversion kits so you have to get propane or NG from the get go.

                            3 burner Genesis is nice but you don’t wanna regret not having bigger, I think 4 burner is a minimum. 6 if you do regular get-togethers with big groups. I have a 4 burner genesis and twice a year regret not having the 6, but never once have thought the 3 would be better than 4.

                            These grills get pretty hot but use a lot of propane. Have 2 backup tanks. If you’re really good about exchanging them when they’re empty one might suffice but I’d recommend 2 or 3.

                            In short: get 4-burner at least. You will regret going with 3. AND absolutely get natural gas hookup if possible.


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                              Forget the grill. Get a pellet smoker. It will change your life;-) We bought a kuma for about $1500 a couple years ago and it smokes and grills to perfection. We smoke our Turkey for Thanksgiving now and it is so so delicious and easy to do. It has a bluetooth meat thermometer so you can set it and forget and check the temperature and adjust from anywhere. It also has a quick zone to grill and sear steaks. We love it.


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                                I have the weber, but with 4 burners.  I wish I had the gas line one not the propane one.  Wife loves it and that's all that matters.  Stop worrying about it and pull the trigger