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  • Stay In Your Lane - This Is My Lane !

    Fightin’ words: ER doctors vs. NRA in nasty fight over gun violence -

    This is Our Lane: An Open Letter to the NRA from American Healthcare Professionals VdusRA/viewform

    I read one comment that made me think.
    “To be clear: We are not anti-gun. We are anti-bullet hole,” the doctors’ open letter to the NRA said.
    Sounds like a reasonable position.
    No coverage or mention of common sense solutions in article, letter, and Twitter. How are we ever going to have productive discussions using hashtags?

    Public service announcement.

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    I feel that threads and discussions on guns never end well.


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      Nothing seems to end well lately. Everything is so politicized and polarized that if you try to have a balanced or nuanced position, people cant even hear it, you're immediately shoved into a political box and the 'conversation' veers off into all your other bad ideas that go with your label. Feels fruitless, but thats bad too I guess, dialogue is needed on things.


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        I agree that we need thoughtful conversation that includes ambiguities and complexity. When many smart people disagree on a topic, it is usually NOT because some people are amoral - it’s because the topic is complex.

        I do think gun violence is in our lane, and I would like solid data to help understand root causes and solutions.


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          Gun control? Sorry, that one is going to generate more heat than light. Thread closed.
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