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Is podiatry a wise career choice?

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    If you're not totally sold on being a doctor, then you should really, really think twice about doing it.  The whole journey (med school, residency, and finally just being a ************************ doctor) is waaaaay too much work and too much liability if you're not completely into it.  You can make more money with less work and liability and similar prestige doing other things.   From the day you start medical school, it will be at least 7 years before you start earning significant money, all the while incurring massive debt (average is about $200,000 at 6.8% or so).

    No one's application is perfect, especially if you don't have a good MCAT.  Medical schools don't just look for whoever has the best numbers and most experiences.  I will say, though, that you can generally have one area that's weaker than the others out of grades, experiences, and MCAT.  My MCAT and experiences were great, but my undergrad GPA sucked; not like "woe is me, I only had a 3.5" sucked, but actually less than 3.0 sucked.

    Osteopathic schools (I got into one MD school and one DO school and chose the DO school since it was closer to home) should definitely be considered.  They're a bit more holistic (read: matriculants have lower average GPAs and MCATs) when choosing patients for admission, and the end result is practically the same.  Since almost all of them are private, they can be very expensive.

    UCC = urgent care center...just another area of enterprise.  In healthcare, it's the businessmen and administrators that get the money, not the ones actually delivering the care.