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Republicans cut taxes, Democrats raise them?

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  • Republicans cut taxes, Democrats raise them?

    WCI posted a nice review of the 2018 tax changes on his blog today.  He gave some political background but is deleting any responses to it.  He may allow the discussion here?  Or maybe not?  He encouraged people to go to "Fox" or "NYTimes" but didn't mention here so this may get deleted too?

    If not, here it goes:

    His post implied that Republicans cut taxes and Democrats raise them.  At least that is what I thought he was saying when I read it early in the morning before I even drank coffee.

    I wonder if the facts support that?  My impression is every politician adds new taxes or raises taxes and spending.  I even think Reagan added new taxes.  I think the Bush's raised taxes even after they promised not too. They seem to start out with different philosophies about the role of government but then end up in a similar place.

    I think the libertarians are the only ones serious about cutting government and taxes, but they can't seem to get enough votes to end up in power.

    Do you guys have thoughts on this?

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    I'm all for reasoned debate, but it has been proven time and time again that we can't have that when it comes to politics here in the forums.  It always ends up devolving into not-so-veiled insults and name calling.

    You raise some good points, but this isn't the place to discuss it; so I'm going to close the thread.
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