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overnight for a job - what is deductible

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  • overnight for a job - what is deductible

    Another question about tax deductions! I am going to have 1099 income for the first time so I am trying to learn about this now, and I appreciate everyone's responses.

    I will fairly regularly being doing weekend coverage at hospitals that pay me on a 1099. They will provide the hotel so I can stay nearby. In that situation, should I be deducting food? Other expenses (like if I pay on my own to have faster wifi)?

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    You can deduct meals while away on business and also faster wifi if it is beneficial for your work. Meals should not be lavish, but reasonable (which, I realize, is very subjective). You do not have to keep meal receipts for a meal costing under $75. You can also use the per diem rates published here.

    You can also deduct your mileage to the airport and back and any parking fees, if applicable.

    Remember the IRS standard for deduction of business expenses: ordinary and necessary.
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