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Should I have HSA while self employed for medical expenses ?

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  • Should I have HSA while self employed for medical expenses ?

    I'm transitioning between jobs and I will be self employed ( only 1099 income) for at least 2-3 months in between. I have a lot of dental work to do to my teeth and I already maxed out my benefit ( 1k only). Can I open HSA account while self employed and put some pretax money in it to use for dental work ( total cost close to 5k) or is it not worth it knowing that once I'm employed again I'll have access to HSA plan then ( but my dental work would have been already done)! Speaking of that, what's the best way to use HSA account ? Thanks

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    I'm a little confused. Will you have an HSA at your new employer? Yes, you could open an HSA now, if you'll have one through December of next year. If not, it gets a little complicated. You wouldn't want to fund the HSA fully if your new employer will be contributing. And you must have HSA-qualified health insurance to have an HSA while you are between jobs. Do you?
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