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I have two codes in Box 12b of my W2 - how to enter online?

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  • I have two codes in Box 12b of my W2 - how to enter online?

    So I got my W2 recently and it has two items in box 12b, G (amount I contributed to my 457b) and DD (amount employer paid for health insurance). The problem is that Credit Karma tax software only allows me to enter one code for the 12b box (so I've added the G code). When I add another row, it simply adds 12c. I've contacted Credit Karma support, and they are suggesting to simply put the DD code in either 12a, or 12c, which seems wrong to me.

    What should I do? Can I simply add a second w2 in the tax software, and leave everything blank except put the DD code in box 12b?

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    No. Get a better software.

    I think TurboTax has 5 spaces...


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      HRB has several, too.


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        Credit Karma is correct. The Box 12 lower case letters are just list labeling. The only thing that matters are the Upper case codes. It does not matter which position they are in the list.


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          Interesting. Thanks spiritrider!