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  • Tax Software Errors

    I've discovered three significant errors using FreeTaxUSA, and I'm no longer going to rely on it.

    1.  It entered my State taxes paid incorrectly into Schedule A.  In other words, I put the correct number in from my W-2, but for some reason it put a number $600 higher into Schedule A.  This is the most bizarre one.

    2.  It excluded Foreign taxes paid from 1099-DIV and did not put them in the 1040.  This one was a big deal, but fortunately an easy error to catch.

    3.  Edit - Actually this one was done correctly.

    Anyone else seeing major errors?  If so, which programs should we avoid?

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    Yeah I hate TurboTax because they lobby the government to keep filing complicated but yet I use them because I noticed errors in their bargain competitors.


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      I've used TaxAct for several years and have never noticed any mistakes. Cheaper than TT and HRB.


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        TaxAct is no longer cheaper, unfortunately. Prices went up considerably this year at least in my experience.