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Wrong name on 1099?

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  • Wrong name on 1099?

    So I did some independent contracting work for a company through my S-Corp for the past 3 years.

    This year when I got my 1099 I noticed instead of listing my company's name, they listed me personally as the recipient on the 1099 MISC.

    Will this need to be corrected, or can I just use the 1099 as if they had put my company's name on it, as this has been counted as business income and taxes paid quarterly through the S-corp already?

    Should I just contact them as demand they fix this problem?



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    Form 1099-MISC is not even required for an S-Corp. If a 1099-MISC has your name and SSN on it. Be prepared to receive a CP-2000 notice in late summer early fall 2019. The IRS is very good about matching the various Form 1099s to tax returns.

    Unless you like dealing with correspondence audits, I would get this corrected now.

    Ask them why they are filing unrequired forms in the first place. Did you complete a W-9 with them indicating that you were an S-Corp and only providing the S-Corp's EIN?


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      WCICON24 EarlyBird
      They listed my name as the recipient, but are using my company's EIN as the identification number. No where is my SS# listed on this 1099.