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PoF, WCI and Passive Income MD in Canadian news

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  • PoF, WCI and Passive Income MD in Canadian news

    The entire WCI network (PoF, WCI and Passive Income MD) was quoted in a recent Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) news article.

    Unfortunately for us Canadians, the context of the article is the contrast between recent changes in both US and Canadian tax law.

    Whereas many US physicians will see their taxes go down under your new tax laws, up here in the Great White North our government has specifically singled out physicians as targets for substantial tax increases.

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    Don't ya know?


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      I think the reporter that wrote the referenced article interviewed me back in November, long before the final law came out. So don't read too much into my quote.

      Always good to get a shout out and a link though.
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