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  • Dependent care FSA

    I'm having trouble finding anything abut the dependent care FSA on the web with regards to the new tax bill.  I know the initial house bill nixed it, the senate bill preserved it, but what happened to it in the final bill?

    My first paycheck of 2018 (today) had it taken out (I know it will take a while to update the payroll systems), but just trying to figure out if I should email payroll to try to get it back rather than wait for filing my taxes in 2019.

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    I have heard nothing about this...and I've got my ear to the ground and have a DCFSA, so I really think if this was a thing I'd have heard about it.

    Nothing from my FSA provider, a text search of the tax bill for "Dependent," "Flexible," "FSA," or "cafeteria", Google, or anything suggests that this has been done away with.

    Obv, please correct me if I'm wrong.


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      Found one article stating that it has been preserved.




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        I read through the bill specifically looking for this, and it says that the Senate bill version (aka no changes) prevailed.