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Backdoor Roth IRA Proper assignment on form 1040

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  • Backdoor Roth IRA Proper assignment on form 1040

    I was reviewing previous years tax returns. I did 2014 & 2015 returns myself on Turbo Tax and Gave 2016 to CPA who is handling S-corp. account and filing corporate tax return. While looking at 1040, I realized that 2014 & 2015 returns have IRA distributions mentioned in line 15a of 1040 while in 2016, CPA put those into line 15b. Also, I see that I filled form 8606 in previous two years but I do not see it filled in 2016.

    1) Where should backdoor Roth IRA rollover should appear on a 1040? Line 15a or 15b?

    2) Have I paid tax on post tax money?  

    3) What can I do at this point?

    I have had very hard time finding someone to do my taxes properly (& for non physicians in the forum..   I understand it can be equally hard to find a good doctor   ). I have used local guys to experienced guys to out of state guys and every time I find gross mistakes that turns me down. CPA bundled corporate and personal tax return last year so I let him do it but I wish I did it myself.

    I was reviewing corporate return (I was advised on the forum not to do corporate return myself) done by my CPA and found he put corporate number that belonged to a different corporation. At times, it is hard to find others mistakes rather than correcting your own mistakes!

    I have attached snapshots of 1040s from 2015 and 2016. Thanks.