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Tracking expenses, CME, etc... as an independent contractor (sample spreadsheets

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  • Tracking expenses, CME, etc... as an independent contractor (sample spreadsheets

    I will likely be starting a job as an independent contractor next year and I know tracking expenses, mileage, CME, etc... are all important for tracking. I was wondering if anyone had an excel file (or some other program/worksheet) they wouldn't mind sharing with the group where I could use to then import my own information. I know there have been spreadsheets floating around for savings rate, net worth, etc...


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    There are some good apps to track mileage and expenses - have you looked in them? Might be easier than a spreadsheet as you can update on the go.
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      I have not had a chance to really look into it yet. Any suggestions?


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        I started using intuit self employed app. I've been using it for less than a month and so far seems very useful to track miles. I haven't really used it for anything else yet. If you find a good spreadsheet to track other expenses (meals, entertainment, travel, etc...) please share.


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          Probably depends how many expenses you will have.  We have not very many so a simple spreadsheet works fine.

          Would look into an app for mileage

          I also use a scanning app for receipts, emailed to myself or backed up to cloud. "scannable" when I was on iphone and now use the google drive app.