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Safe harbor rules for newly married couples

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  • Safe harbor rules for newly married couples

    Hey everyone I'm trying to do some tax planning for tax year 2023 and I was wondering how the safe harbor rules would apply to newly married couples. Specifically, which spousal income of the previous year would apply if we're looking to meet the amount equal to 100% (if your adjusted gross income for the year is over $150,000 then you’ll need to pay 110%) of your taxes for the prior year? Would it be the higher earning spouse? Or is it actually the combined taxes of both for the previous year? Thanks.

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    WCICON24 EarlyBird
    Hi, IRS Publication 505 page 20 seems to address this:

    2022 separate returns and 2023 joint return. If you plan to file a joint return with your spouse for 2023, but you filed separate returns for 2022, your 2022 tax is the total of the tax shown on your separate returns. You filed a separate return if you filed as single, head of household, or married filing separately.