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Tracking Multiple Wash Sales

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  • Tracking Multiple Wash Sales

    Question about calculating wash sales in an employee stock plan.
    Company trading window was open from June 3-30.

    June 3-24th: 160 RSU shares sold, all at a loss.

    June 15: 48 ESPP shares purchased

    July 1st: 719 RSU shares vested/released/purchased

    July 5th: 312 of the 719 shares sold by the company to cover taxes, all at a loss (407 remaining shares)

    From my understanding, the loss from 48 of the 160 shares is added to the basis of the 48 ESPP shares.

    The loss from the remaining 112 of the 160 shares is added to the basis of 112 of the 719 RSU shares released/purchased on July 1.

    Hopefully I'm tracking this correctly so far..... if so, my question is related to the loss from the sale of the 312 shares.

    Which shares do I add this loss to? Do these losses also add to the 48 ESPP share basis, then to 264 of the 407 remaining RSU shares?

    Thanks for any feedback.