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Question on donation of bags of clothes

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  • pierre
    Seems fine to me. Whenever I donate, they ask if I want a receipt, and I assume they would ask me what the value of stuff is, but I don’t get a receipt since I don’t itemize (yet).

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  • pedsmd
    started a topic Question on donation of bags of clothes

    Question on donation of bags of clothes

    Last year we cleaned house and donated a bunch of clothing and toys. The charity we use generates the tax receipt which you then download and on your honor fill in the values for clothes, toys, etc. When I've donated bigger items I make a point to list it specifically and get the ebay value,etc. However, it's rather onerous to catalog every toy and piece of clothing in a bag. I usually estimate based on what in the bags and put 50-100 bucks per bag. Is this totally unreasonable.