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  • AMT sweet spot

    Interesting article. I was just wondering if anyone was using this information to their advantage, and how. Roth conversions?

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    That was a good read- thanks!

    Never tried timing it that closely, but large Roth conversions and if you're so lucky for stock options would be the ones I see or any large project capital that's pending a distribution/payout timing of that if one can (like exiting a practice and buyout of shares perhaps?).




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      This article by Michael Kitces, Evaluating Exposure and Strategies to Reduce (AMT) is a good companion piece. Roth conversions are the most useful way to control your tax bracket if you have the opportunity (not just with AMT but regular tax) because you can "over" convert and then recharacterize back down to the top of the bracket. As always, you should balance long-term growth optimization against tax benefits. I hate to see the priorities reversed.
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