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    Originally posted by chucki View Post
    Do any DAFs let you control the investments?
    As far as I know, all of them do, within limits. They offer a broad selection of investments, ranging from very conservative to very aggressive. But you are limited to what is offered, you can't just go out and buy anything. (Which is to be expected, since after all it's no longer your money. It belongs to the DAF.)


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      That’s interesting. I had zero issues donating appreciated VFIAX admiral shares from Vanguard to our Fidelity DAF last year. No liquidation and full credit for the appreciated donation amount.


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        Originally posted by wawot1 View Post

        I've had no problems donating VTSAX lots from vanguard to fidelity does insist on a paper form (that doesn't need a notary or anything), that is a bit of a hassle, but for something I'm only doing once every year or two, isn't awful.
        This may be new, but Vanguard has an online form that allows you to send securities to your DAF (Forms -> Change of ownership (life events) -> Give Shares or Securities to an Individual or Organization). There's a Docusign signature. You still have to do Fidelity's online form as well, but don't have to print or sign anything on their end. Seems quick and painless; I did this on 11/21 and as of yesterday the shares were at Fidelity Charitable pending settlement.

        There are still a few kinks; the account is set up for specific identification and there isn't a place in the form to specify which lot you want sold, but they managed to select the right one anyway.


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          Agree that converting admiral shares to ETF is the way to go.