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  • Section 179 deduction

    Just a two part question if anyone knows. Is anyone certain if driving to the hospital from a home office counts as business miles? I do a large amount of telehealth and have a large part of my home as my office. Also it is two different hospitals under two different employers. Would a huge advertisement for my telehealth company assist in this?

    Second part- How much can we actually write off? It appear it is for two weights 6000 lbs and less than 6000 lbs. I'm more interested in the yearly flat write off than insanely recording every mile I drive.

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    My assertion when advising clients is that your work place is the location in which you perform the majority of services required for your job. Thus, it is possible to have both a home office for administrative duties for managing your business but also a separate work place. In this situation, driving to your work place would be along the order of commuting and, this, nondeductible.

    If, otoh, you also performed the majority of your duties from your home office (say, telepsychiatry) and also drove to a prison as a 1099 worker for additional compensation, your mileage to the prison would be deductible.

    I c/n answer the 2nd part of your question as there is no ‘yearly flat write off’ figure for vehicles.
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