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Still waiting on federal tax refund after filing 3 months ago, seeking advice

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  • Still waiting on federal tax refund after filing 3 months ago, seeking advice

    I e-filed my taxes on 4/2/21. It is now 7/17/21 and I have not received my federal refund of ~$2,000. When I use the "Where's My Refund" tool on IRS website, it says "Your tax return is still being processed.". I have moved addresses two times since I filed my last tax return, all in the same state. As I understand it, there is no mechanism to change your address with the IRS aside from filing taxes and writing a hand written letter. I have read online that if the IRS needs to contact you regarding your refund, they might send you a letter in the mail. But if they have the wrong address on file, they could be sending letters to one of my old addresses. I had my mail forwarded from previous addresses for 6 months, but now I'm out of that window. I wrote a handwritten letter to the IRS 2 weeks ago informing them of the address change. Just graduated residency. My taxes are seemingly simple. Single, no kids, W2 income (~$160k from residency and signing bonus), did a backdoor Roth for first time. Electronic transfer. SoFi did change their routing number last year, but the stimulus checks still hit my account and I obviously updated the routing number when I filed my taxes this year.

    Any additional advice? How do I know if there is an issue with my taxes that needs to be addressed? Is it typical to wait 3+ months for a tax refund in my situation?
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    Did you e-file or file on paper? I know they say that filing on paper can significantly delay things.


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        I have a similar situation. Fairly straightforward taxes (2 W2s, kids, homeowner, backdoor Roth), but months-long delay since filing my taxes. Same result as you via the IRS website.

        I tried calling the IRS everyday for a week but, even when calling when they open at 7AM, was told they're "experiencing unusually high call volumes" and never got through to a person.

        Eventually I received a generic letter asking for more information by paper - they just wanted the first two pages of my 1040 and any information related to withholding. I mailed that back two weeks ago and am now still waiting.

        I'd say, cross your fingers that you'll receive a letter in the mail soon, and see if the folks who moved into your old houses would be kind enough to text/call you if a letter from the IRS arrives? I don't think we're going to have any luck getting through by phone and you already sent a letter.

        (The only other suggestion is, consider sending another letter via certified mail? This is how USPS recommended I send back my paperwork when mailing it to them.)


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          I did receive a letter from the IRS at my current address regarding Joe Biden sending out the last stimulus checks. This makes me think there is hope that I will get a letter if they send another one. But that letter had one of my old addresses on it and appeared like 6 weeks after the letter was dated. Somehow it found its way to my current address.

          Is there a mechanism of informing a local USPS office and have them send any letters from the IRS to my current address? Since I've lived at two previous addresses since I last filed, I would prefer not to pay $90x2 to have the mail forwarded from both of those addresses. Would a phone call to the local USPS office do anything?


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            what is this thing you folks keep calling a “refund”?