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All money going to Federal and State Taxes living in CA- help

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    The light at the end of the tunnel is coming from another state. Just calculated marginal tax rate for CA clients: 50%. Simply stunning for the clients to realize that 1/2 of every extra dollar earned goes to taxes. Have also seem same for NY clients. Consider living elsewhere and spending a few mos/yr in CA as you cut back your work. Of course, once you move, you may lose your taste for living in CA, who knows?
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      I like my 65-75 sunny sandy beaches and nice hikes weather though....🤑


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        Become a billionaire? Seems their tax rate is pretty low, sometimes 0 . . .

        Aside from that, what is your goal? You are able to save for retirement and other things, you have 2 houses . . . what else is there? I guess I'm a little confused. I'm not sure moving will even help that much. We're in UT and 33% goes to taxes.