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  • Healthy Transformations?

    Anyone know anything about Healthy Transformations? I was approached about doing something like this for our team of 9 people in dentist office. Classic good friend of front office team member wanted to do a lunch and learn and I just want to know what Im getting into and why it wouldnt be or would be a good idea.


    Here are some excerpts from it...and attached the flyer he sent me. I cant find much info on google


    "Healthy Transformations is a participation-based wellness plan, not by achieving a particular health or wellness goal. The wellness program is not mandatory and can be purchased with taxed dollars."

    "There are several reasons why employers sponsor the Healthy Transformations worksite wellness plan:

    1) Create a healthier and happier worksite culture
    2) Reduce absenteeism and turnover
    3) Save money by reducing their payroll taxes
    4) Provide supplemental insurance coverage for employees"

    "By enrolling in The Healthy Transformations plan, immediate savings in payroll taxes

    will be seen by the employee as well as the employer. Employees will receive their supplemental insurance products at no out of pocket costs."


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    To large to attach but its the first one if you google healthy transformations insurance


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      Took a look at their brochure from 2015.  Wow, it would let our employees buy things like accident insurance and "cancer insurance".  Really?  Do they have a property and casualty division that sells volcano insurance too?

      Don't put the cart before the horse.  While you might get a little bit of employment tax savings if your employees sign up for this scheme, I'm not convinced that the underlying products actually are cost effective and well suited for dental office employees.

      Full disclosure, we offered Aflac through payroll deductions for a little while.  Ended up cancelling that as it really wasn't a terribly appropriate thing for the employees to purchase versus self-funding an emergency fund and setting aside money for retirement each month.