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How do you do your taxes?

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  • How do you do your taxes?

    Do you fill out the forms yourself? Use an accountant? Use tax software? Which one?

    What would you recommend to others?

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    Tax software before and now after using a CPA once.

    We liked TurboTax but have switched to TaxACT and have been really pleased with their Audit defense team (audited the past two years, result: $0 additional paid).



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      I do my own with the H&R software and have been very happy with it.  I used to use TurboTax but got tired of their ridiculous nickle and diming every few years so made the change.


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        Always used turbotax (or equivalent), then used a cpa once, and now back to my own with turbotax. CPA was and I've found way too comfortable with the grey zone in life and there were things I did not approve of and did not want to defend so I do them myself now. Theyre really not that hard, especially since there are only specific things we can write off.


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          Joseph you seriously got two years in a row?  What are you doing, just so I don't do it....


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            Turbotax when I was an associate.

            CPA now that I have my own practice.  The logistics of the 401k/profit sharing/cash balance plan/ business write offs/depreciation is not something I want to deal with.


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              Accountant.  I appreciate having that "CPA" stamped on the bottom of my tax return--would love to see a prospective trial about whether this is protective from an audit!


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                I use an accountant, mostly because I have some private stock that results in a k1 and having to file 2 state income taxes. My state sometimes tries to disallow the other states deduction for the taxes paid there, so I feel the accountant adds value in having to fight for this. If it wasn't for this k1, I would probably do it myself using taxact or some other program.


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                  TaxAct for 3 years. Turbo Tax prior to that. The costs for Turbo Tax were too high for my liking.


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                    TaxAct for 3 years. Turbo Tax prior to that. The costs for Turbo Tax were too high for my liking.
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                    I have read similar complaints on Bogleheads about the cost of TurboTax vs TaxAct. I have been a faithful TurboTax user for years and just did my 2015 return this week which cost me $62 for Deluxe including my state return. This did not feel unreasonable to me for what I feel like is a good tax program but I am starting to wonder if I am overpaying.

                    How much is TaxAct?

                    Is $62 much higher than past TurboTax fees, I really can't remember?


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                      I'm sensing a theme Re: TurboTax. I, too, used to use TurboTax, got tired of nickel-and-diming with it as well as with Quicken, another Intuit product. Quicken actually has become a very poor product in the last few years, which left a worse taste in my mouth for TurboTax. I quit both.

                      I went with HRBlock software. This year I got the desktop/downloadable version because my wife and I file separately (to save a bundle on PAYE to get PSLF), so we have to file two returns. The downloadable is cheaper for two. I used online version last year and I'm liking desktop version much better. You can create as many returns as you want. I can pay around with "what-if" scenarios that way (guess I'm a bit nerdy like that).


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                        I'm wondering how the poll got up there? I didn't put it there...

                        I like it, though.


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                          Been using H&R software for the past 2 year returns and will be using it again this time.


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                            We hire a professional who's been in the business for decades and is an enrolled agent. She knows our situation well and gets our taxes done quickly and efficiently. In the case of an audit, she can represent us and we don't have to waste our time. Life's too short, I hate tax filing to bothered doing it myself.


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                              I have used TurboTax for almost 10-years.  Have never felt over charged.  We have two Schedule C businesses and I am a W2 employee.


                              cd :O)
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