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  • K1 Mileage Tax Deduction

    Hi all,

    I was having this discussion with one of my practice partners and neither of us could come up with a great answer:

    We are partners in a private practice, which is our main worksite. We have admitting and surgical privileges at the hospital, but are not employed by the hospital. I was previously told that I could count mileage between my home and the hospital as a tax deduction because it was considered a "temporary worksite" meaning that I only go there when I have a patient admitted (which is never more than a few days - temporary). If I don't have a patient admitted or a surgery scheduled, I don't go to the hospital. I do go to my clinic every day, regardless of if I have patient at the hospital, so that is my main worksite. My partner doesn't think we can deduct the mileage between the hospital and our homes because it is considered a "second job." Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I think regardless, it is probably a grey area!

    Thank you!

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    I am in a similar situation. My understanding is that you can’t count your first or last trips of the day. You can only count the “in between” trips. I don’t bother since my clinic is across the street from our hospita/ASC.