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Paying State Taxes as 1099

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  • Paying State Taxes as 1099

    Hey Everyone,

    Appreciate the advise that is given on this forum, been looking at it for the last several months now.

    I have a question in regards to State Taxes. I am a 1099 Employee, I live in New Jersey but work TeleHealth in California.

    Now I only travel to California, as needed, which is roughly 8 times a year (Maybe a total of 24 days throughout the Calendar year).

    When you live in 1 state but work in another, the State Tax System gets a little confusing. Does anyone know if I only owe NJ States or do I also owe California State Taxes as well?

    I know California has some weird laws, I just want to make sure I am paying my taxes properly.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    find a competent CPA

    if your paycheck comes from a CA business then CA will probably expect tax, especially if you occasionally have to travel to CA and are providing services for people in CA


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      That's what I was thinking, I have a CPA but not sure if they are trust worthy. They are saying I don't have to pay any California State Tax, it would just be all NJ Tax. Will try to get a second opinion from a good CPA. Do you think it's better to go to like an H&R Block for this. Thanks!


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        I feel like California is one of those states that will do everything they can to get any tax they think is owed to them. I'd be hard pressed to believe you don't owe any California tax.


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          Yes, I agree with that! That is why I am second guessing my current Accountant that I have. I don't mind paying the taxes, I don't want to get penalized in the future for not paying them.


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            I would suggest not using an national firm like H&R. Find a CPA that knows Ca. state tax.
            A lot of wiggle room. If you are doing tele medicine, what are the trips for and where are the customers located etc.and probably most important where are you working?


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              Thanks for the info Tim....I'll look for a CPA that knows California State Tax.