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Rats! taxed twice for backdoor Roth

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  • Rats! taxed twice for backdoor Roth

    I'm filing my taxes this year and doing the backdoor Roth. Last year someone else filed my taxes and I was reviewing their work and I noticed the 8606 was screwed up and counted the entire backdoor Roth as a "taxable" amount, so I was effectively taxed twice on this. Can't believe I didn't pick up on this last year - rookie mistake! (well, I guess I am still a "rookie" at this and a busy resident, but still, theres no excuse for me on not picking up on that).

    I assume there is no way to get the money I paid to Uncle Sam as a "double tax" on last year's backdoor Roth back, correct? Live and learn, another valuable lesson and another reason to DIY.

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    You should be able to file an amended return on last year's taxes.


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      Good call - thanks, never done that before but will look into that. thank you!