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Taxes in 2 states?

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  • Taxes in 2 states?

    Hi everyone. This is mainly a question for paying taxes for 2017. I'm currently in NY now but plan on moving to Texas (no state income tax) in say 6 months. I'm currently a W2 employee but was moving to IC status after moving to Texas.

    Would I have to pay state income tax to NY even for the time I wasn't living there?

    Also, would the moving expenses be tax deductible if i'm not for the full year and have to file moving expenses for 2018? Thanks so much for all your help!



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    No, it should only apply to income earned in NY. You're not moving for the full last 6 months? Moving expenses usually applies to a move for work or assignment. If you're moving twice in the same year for your employer its possible, but there is a time test and other things you have to pass first. If you cant get them both obviously just take the highest one of course.