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HSA and FSA in same household?

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  • HSA and FSA in same household?


    I have individual health coverage through my employer that's HSA-eligible. I max out the individual contribution limit each year and don't use the money for anything (so it's a Stealth IRA).

    My wife has individual health coverage through her employer that is not HSA eligible, but her employer offers a healthcare FSA. In the past, I have not been interested in the FSA because she has so few medical expenses. However, she is pregnant with our first child (due in June) and thus I expect a couple thousand dollars of medical expenses for her next year.

    Can I enroll in a healthcare FSA for my wife and use it to pay her medical expenses, even though I have an HSA? I can't find a clear answer online that specifically addresses our particular situation. Both accounts are individual, and so both are limited to the individual limit and not the family limit, and my HSA is not used for her expenses and her FSA is not used for my expenses.

    It seems like it ought to be OK, but I can't find a clear answer.

    If it matters, we file as 'Married filing separately'.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Most of the information you have provided is not really relevant.

    The only thing that matters, can her FSA be used to reimburse your expenses? If the answer is yes, this makes you an ineligible individual for an HSA, whether you are reimbursed from the FSA or not. You need to determine if the FSA plan can exclude you. Note: The vast majority of FSA plans can be used to cover the employee, their spouse and their dependents.

    If you are unable to use her FSA, you can make the maximum family HSA contribution. You can then make tax-free HSA withdrawals for any qualified expenses incurred by you, your spouse or your dependents.