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    So, I'm a bit fuzzy on what can and cannot count for job hunting deductions on tax returns. I'm a final year resident, and had initially planned to stay in my current area afterward, and thus would have next to nothing for expenses for the job hunt. However, I just got offered a unique opportunity on the other side of the country. I'm still feeling things out and looking at all my options, but obviously I'm going to have to fly to see the place, interview, and whatnot, and then obviously move out there.

    But do things like licensing/DEA fees and lawyer fees to look at the contract and whatnot count, or is it just the actual expenses associated with looking for the job that I can deduct?



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    Legal fees to review the contract count. How are licensing/DEA fees a job hunting expense? Not doubting you, just looking for clarification. They sound more like employee business expenses to me.

    Won't the prospective employer pay all or part of your travel to interview? If not, those expenses are deductible. Moving expense, if not reimbursed, are also deductible but they are an above-the-line deduction while job-hunting expenses go on schedule A.

    Congratulations on making it to your final year!
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