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    Does anyone know of a good online free tax calculator? Doesn't need to be exact (I'll have a CPA do that when the time comes next year) but wanted a good idea of how much budgetary wise I could do. I'm gonna start doing some independent contractor work along with my regular W2 work and wanted to really figure out my federal state and ss/Medicare taxes without paying for a program. If anyone could help out would really appreciate it!

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    • (for state income taxes)

    IC work adds a complication that I do not believe is addressed in any of the online calculators. I would just add another 1/3 to 1/2 of the net profits of the IC work (depending upon your tax bracket and whether you live in a state with income taxes) to the total for the rest. This is for state + federal combined.
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      This is the one I use in my simulations (4 Physicians series).

      Turbotax Taxcaster


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        Silly question POF, but this Turbotax calculator is asking me to put information for 2015 but I'm guessing I should be using my projected 2016 income, correct?