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Decreasing federal tax burden

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    Legally that is true, but I was talking assuming they would combine finances.  When I was engaged to my wife at the end of medical school, if I had told her, “technically, those loans aren’t mine so I won’t help pay them,” I would’ve been sleeping on the couch.

    Five years later, I consider our finances joint.  Whether OP plans on doing this isn’t stated.  If I had extra cash to pay off my wife’s loans now, I would because I look at it as our money we’re saving for FI/RE.  Putting some money towards a guaranteed 6.8% would be good use of our money.
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    Exactly, at some point, its all in and you have to view it this way, doesnt make any sense to not do so.
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    I understand what you are both saying - we are not in disagreement. Was just making the point that it w/b a bad move for the OP to co-sign.
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