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Qualifying payments when loan servicer changes

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  • Qualifying payments when loan servicer changes

    I've been managing both my and my wife's student loans since we graduated med school 5 years ago.  She's been out of residency for a year and a half and started working for a non-profit organization, which would qualify for PSLF.  I consolidated her loans 4.5 years ago and started paying IBR on them.  The consolidated loan was originally serviced by Direct Loan Servicing Center, but this loan was taken over by FedLoan Servicing.  Move forward to today, and when I put in an application to get credit for the previous 4.5 years of IBR payments, FedLoan Servicing note only 2.5 years of payments.  This timeframe coincides exactly with the time when the switch from Direct Loan Servicing to FedLoan Servicing occurred.

    Has anyone else been in this situation?  Any thoughts on how to resolve it?  I've e-mailed FedLoans but haven't heard anything back yet.  Am I never getting credit for these payments?  It would amount to about $50k extra that we'd have to pay.

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    I would call FedLoan Servicing - I've also been managing my wife's student loans with them and have found it takes them a long time to reply to emails but you can usually get someone on the phone to figure out the issue.