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PSLF: Two simultaneous jobs, 501(c)3 and for profit

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  • PSLF: Two simultaneous jobs, 501(c)3 and for profit

    I've been on IBR and have been making qualifying PSLF payments throughout internship and residency.

    What if during my one-year fellowship at a non-profit, 501(c)3 hospital, I were to also moonlight on the side at a private practice group?  I would still be working full-time at the non-profit teaching hospital, yet my occasional weekend shifts at the for profit PP actually resulted in much more money than the full time gig.  For example, let's say I make 60K annually during my fellowship, but in my one weekend per month at the PP, I make about 80K annually (140K total for the year).

    Would these payments still qualify me for PSLF?  Obviously, I would report both salaries in my income taxes and my payment would be based on the combined salary.

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    [Post deleted at author's request.]


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      Your second job doesn't matter for qualification.


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        as long as you're fulltime at the 501c3 job you will be making qualifying PSLF payments while employed there.

        the second job doesnt matter except as you said that your PSLF-eligible repayment plan monthly payment amount will be calculated based on your total income.