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Roth IRA vs Less Loans

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  • Roth IRA vs Less Loans

    Hey everyone,

    I'm currently a MS1. Prior to school, I had a moderate amount of money saved but nothing compared to the cost of tuition so I have needed to take out loans. Because I had a job in 2017, I'm eligible to add money to my Roth IRA for that year (which has some money already invested in it from prior years). I'm wondering if there are any opinions on whether it would be better to max out my 2017 Roth IRA and therefore need to take out more loans @ 6.0% or to use that money for expenses instead. I've seen a lot of discussion about the decision of paying off loans vs investing as an attending, but less on the taking out loans initially as a student. Thanks!

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    WCICON24 EarlyBird
    Less loans if you can, less need to concern with it in future. Plus your rates are awful during school.