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What To Do With $500K in Student Loans?

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    There’s something to say about “Nothing Ventured, never Gained’ — so true.

    As q-school notes like all brokerages would disclaim — past performance doesn’t necessarily reflect nor guarantee future gains.

    I would disagree on the notion that we as physicians have a small societal footprint.
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    Definitely not as a whole group, and not relative to many/most other fields. However, no one ever seems to look below themselves for comparison in anything, always those with more power, money, influence and reach of course.

    Whats really impressive and I am guilty of sometimes being envious is how a software/app type developer can touch tens/hundreds of millions and even billions in such a short time. Thats pretty cool if its in a positive way, if its just angry birds well who cares, though the money spends the same.


    If I had sever hundred million or maybe a couple billion dollars of someone elses money to burn it would be fun to have some kind of moon shot program. Maybe something like augmenting humans like all the sci-fi shows, but in small simple steps, cut out the apps/phone. Kind of a next level extension of plastics without the donor site morbidity. Of course I can think of several much cheaper and more powerful implementations in a humanitarian sense that would be very long term beneficial.