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    Submitted my employee cert in the begininning of April with the checked mark that I would qualify for foregiveness. Was 118 payments certified and had January, February, March in the "eligible but needs employment cert" at that time. They rejected my claim because "not enough payments". Checking the fedloan counter they just didn't count January, February or March. Still say need employee cert

    Anyone ran into this? What to do?

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    Bunch of morons. I'd just send in an employee certification and then an application like a week after that. In the meantime they might go back and count them and forgive them. That's what happened with my wife. Sent in forgiveness application, got rejected, and then randomly a week or 2 later were forgiven.


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      Probably just processing logging time lag. You're almost there. Recheck in a few and then if issues start manually calling.

      IRS is almost eight months behind tax returns. The DOE is ramping up as more and more are crossing the finish line.


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        Yep, reiterating what was said above. Fedloan should count up all the qualifying payments to the date the employer signed the form. Many doing the PSLF waiver just have to be a little more patient these days because of the huge backlog of applications.
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