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Which payment plan for FFELP to PSLF and what is time frame

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  • Which payment plan for FFELP to PSLF and what is time frame

    I have consolidated federal loans with Navient that I'm trying to change to Direct loans for PSLF. I started going through the application and I wasn't sure which payment plan to pick. In some ways, it's a moot point since I should quality for "instant" PSLF as I've made 15 years of payments. Do all the payment plans work for PSLF? I'm just curious since some of the payment plans have higher payments than the other. In the end it should all be reimbursed but for the short term I'd rather put out less money.

    What's the overall time frame? Say I file the application this week. How long does it take for the loans to switch from Navient to Direct Loans? How soon can I get my loans forgiven? Also, doing the math I've overpaid by like $40,000 based on 5 years of extra payments. Is the government really going to pay my loans AND give me a 40,000 check? Has anyone sucessfully completed this?


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    Idk that anyone here is going to be all that familiar w this situation unfortunately. I'd suggest checking out r/pslf and you may find more help there.


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      • If you've already made 10 years of qualifying payments, you can ask for your servicer to put you into forbearance after you complete the direct federal consolidation
      • You don't need any more payment since you've already passed 10 years of payments
      • Give it a couple of months, they are extremely backlogged right now.
      • After you submit the application it will probably take a few months
      • You won't receive a rebate of overpayments if they were made on FFELP loans. for example: If you made 60 payments on FFEL loans and consolidated them to a direct loan and made 80 payments for an aggregate of 140, 20 of those payments will be rebated back to you. If you’ve made 130 payments on FFEL loans and never consolidated them to direct loans, there will be no refund of 10 payments. Only overpayments made on direct student loans will qualify.
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