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    It's nice to hear they're not completely useless. I hear so many stories of their ineptitude and chicanery, but I attributed it to selection/recall bias because who talks about how great (or even average) their federal loan servicer is?


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      Great to hear and congratulations on the win! Glad it worked out for you.

      I had called about my similar issue after no updates x 4-5 months and they couldnt tell me what happened with the review. (what??)

      I did get a very helpful rep on the line when I called (I wish I could somehow make her my personal fedloan contact person, she was great). She took the time to look at the individual loans that were showing up with incorrectly low numbers of PSLF qualifying payments - she can see a large number of IBR payments, in the correct amount, made on time, with a + PSLF-qualifying employment certification during that time, that for some reason arent being counted. She couldnt find any reason why. She was nice enough to resubmit a request for review with as many of these as she could find flagged.


      Hopefully this will get me somewhere!


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        To followup with this in case anyone is following along or finds this:

        recap: I have a few ferrari's worth of loans, which have been in repayment under IBR since ~Jan 2014, and I should have about 48 qualifying payments, but instead fedloan has me listed anywhere from 21-34 depending on which loan (I somehow have 8 individual loans listed). I have spent 7 months trying to get them to fix the count/figure out why.

        I again called fedloan today for an update.

        After spending a few more hours with my loan data, I was more prepared with questions.

        There seems to be two issues with my loan count:

        1. When I consolidated after med school graduation, an IBR application goes with the consolidation. As I also put in a PSLF employer form, all my loans went to fedloan. However, they dont have a record of an income driven repayment plan application for that first 10 months or so. According to them I was just in... no plan. They can verify I was in repayment, but have no bills and no IBR application data (since my income was 0, the no bills thing doesnt mean much). This apparently may have been lost/not entered correctly when they first received my loan. I'm not sure how easy this will be to fix (although its clearly a screw up on their end).

        2. There remain several (~12) payments that are in the correct amount, paid in full, right day, that aren't being marked as counting. The rep today seemed to think this is because I made a few lump sum payments towards my loans in the past which put me into "paid ahead" status, and led to nearly a year of payments not counting for unclear reasons. He thinks he can just fix that right now. He stated this was a known issue with the system that counts PSLF qualifying payments on their end.

        Still no final answer on this formal review they submitted for me, but todays rep will amend with notes to highlight these issues. After looking closely, it seems that rectifying these two things will bring me to where I should be.


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          Sorry this is such a pain in the behind. Unfortunately those commited to PSLF will find no easy partner when the day comes for forgiveness. Get ready to fight. If you prefer to avoid the stress just pay back your loans. PSLF was not created for white coats and the govt will not forgive without a whole lot of red tape and stress.


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            These are the kind of shenanigans that pushed me away from PSLF (maybe their primary intent?).  Committing to PSLF is almost as big of a commitment as marriage.  I did not find a willing and trustworthy partner in Uncle Sam/FedLoans.  Ultimately, for me it wasn't an issue as I elected against fellowship and took a much higher paying job outside of a 501c3.  But for those who are committed to it, I tip my hat to you.  It is not an easy road to go down.  I do not have the stomach to watch my loan balance balloon to almost 600k and assume the government is there to help me.


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              Here's my update:


              They also fixed my counts. I got a very long letter as well as an email from a fedloan employee. The counts are all now accurate.

              So to echo Jumptothemoon - if you find this thread and are having this problem, fear not, application for pressure and time will get them to fix it. like a diamond.