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    Originally posted by StarTrekDoc View Post
    OP is celebrating and excited -- we should be excited for OP -- don't think it's flaunting and we're none better for raining on his parade otherwise. A simple 'good for you' and perhaps go vote and engage with your congressperson to change things.

    To the PSLF program itself - any time a system gets overly prescriptive, it messes things up - PSLF squarely known Dept of Ed can't get it right and needed to simplify it even further.

    For 'free programs' - over the past two decades we've financed huge benefits to the US population/companies - 2007 mortgage bailouts and 2020 Covid/PPP/unemployment handouts. Not one penny did we receive out of this. We're ALL going to pay for it - yes. Was it still the right thing to do? yeah, it was.

    We're fortunate to be nearly at the top of the food chain. It suffices that we should give 'some' of that back in a reasonable amount and help out when help is needed. The amount of help clearly can/is debatable.

    A true laissez faire environment I would NOT like to see.
    Agreed with above sentiment. ENT Doc and her/his bad attitude reflects poorly on us ENTs.

    Very few, possibly nothing, in our society is "fair" or "just". Let's be honest, a large portion of this site is dedicated to learning how to take advantage of the financial landscape for our best interest, i.e. use any legal advantage to get rich(er).

    And on the note of how arbitrary PSLF qualifying employment is i.e. non-profits, I would estimate that most of the doctors in PSLF are in academics. And while Lordosis may be an exception, most academicians are paid lower than the avg. Often way lower, and taking care of the most difficult populations and patients. Etcetc, please allow me my sense of self-righteousness.