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REPAYE vs PAYE for resident couple

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  • REPAYE vs PAYE for resident couple

    My wife and I are both residents, both making ~75k. She has about 200k in student loans, planning on doing PSLF so is currently enrolled in REPAYE. I don't have any loans, and we have 2 kids - we are currently married and filing jointly

    My question is whether there would be any difference in the monthly payment if she changed to PAYE and we filed separately?

    Also - I have assets under my name only (investments) - would that change things?


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    Yes, it would drop your student loan payments. But, you'll likely incur additional expense by filing taxes separately. Do you have loans?

    Having assets in your name won't change the student loan payments. It's based on income, household size, repayment plan and tax filing status.

    Make sure to run the numbers or have someone do it for you. This is what our company does.
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      We of course don't know the full picture so are only best guessing, but I actually disagree with Andrew on one point- I suspect it's unlikely that you will incur additional expense by filing separate. Since the incomes are both roughly the same and each can claim a kid, wouldn't they potentially be exactly the same as MFJ (other than that you file two returns).