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  • FedLoan recert

    So I did my fedloan recert (I'm not doing PSLF) and I wanted to see what my new repayment was gonna be...Well if you look at the date it looks like maybe they will extend forbearance until 02/22?

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    That would be great news!


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      I think that's a weird interpretation.

      All it says is that your new payment amount will change in Feb. It doesn't say forbearance is extended to that date.

      Not to be a total broken record on this forum, but the most likely situation IMO is that we all go back to the same schedule as though nothing happened. So if you were 8 payments into your yearly plan by March 2019, you have 4 more to go.

      Were u by chance 8 payments in before the pause was put into effect? Assuming Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan is still left on that plan with new payment amount in Feb??? Curious if that might be the case.


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        Also, based on the info you provided (no PSLF and screenshot) I'd bet you aren't going through FedLoan despite the title?? - Navient and FedLoan, those are two separate entities, and it's totally possible in the craziness that may ensue those two handle things like recert differently...won't that be fun...


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          Agree with
          East coast
          East coast... This looks like a statement from Navient.

          Still no word on if they are moving back the loan moratorium. I would go off what we know, which is:
          -payments and interest begin in October
          -2 loan servicers are quitting (FedLoan, Granite State)

          Make sure you have excellent record of your payments. In particular those who are going for PSLF and long term IDR forgiveness.
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            This sounds like forbearance will stop in September. October till February will be your old payment. After February, it will be your new payment.

            There is some thought that income certification will be scheduled throughout the year. This is probably the delay mechanism.


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              Did you recently graduate? often there is a 6 month grace period....


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                Originally posted by Otolith View Post
                Did you recently graduate? often there is a 6 month grace period....
                graduated residency in 2020


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                  I called it.


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                    Originally posted by Craigslist View Post
                    I called it.
                    So what should I buy now?