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REPAYE and marriage timing question

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  • REPAYE and marriage timing question

    Hey all, brand new to the forum and I have a few questions. I just graduated medical school and have just been learning about all of the repayment options. I have been trying to learn as much as I can on this but I am very new to the financial aspects and nuances. Overall I think the REPAYE option seems like the best fit for me at this time.


    I am going to be getting married this month and was wondering if this would impact my payments this upcoming year or not. It will take a little while for my loans to get consolidated so by the time I can actually apply for REPAYE I will be married. I know with REPAYE it includes your spouse, however my taxes filed from this year were under "single" so Im not sure if that is what they would base it off of or not?


    I am just curious if I will get to benefit from having $0 payments for several months or if my payments will immediately be based upon my spouses income?


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    Technically you're supposed to let them know immediately if your income changes. I think in practice most people just use last year's taxes.
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