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REPAYE with Navient... how does the subsidy happen?

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  • REPAYE with Navient... how does the subsidy happen?

    Hey folks, I got signed up with RePAYE via my servicer (Navient), and I have been poking around the website and can't seem to figure out how interest is accruing. My balance just increases by some (distressingly large) amount of money all the time, there is no section on the website I can find that will confirm there is an interest subsidy occurring or how much the subsidy is.


    Can anyone shed some light as to how to confirm you are getting the subsidy? I know I could call in and ask but the OCPD part of me wants to be able to check up on it from time to time to ensure I'm getting a fair shake.

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    N of one but my servicer's webiste is absolutely horrible and takes days to weeks for things to be accurate so other than monthly statements or phone calls I think its hard to trust what is online.